In the event of a fire, mechanical smoke venting systems offer the ultimate in smoke control as they remove smoke from the building to aid the occupants means of escape and provide clear access for fire fighting service.

Smoke is the biggest killer in any building, fire and rapid dispersal via a smoke control system has proven to save lives.

  • Our preventive maintenance contract procedure
  • Building mapping survey to identify equipment location
  • Smoke vent Service Schedule
  • Complete system activation to check all correct operations.
  • Replace all broken switches and break glasses.
  • Test batteries and re-charging and change if required.
  • Clean Lubricate and tighten all actuators, dampers and louvers.
  • Test operation of all Roof Ventilators.
  • Test all Smoke Curtains.
  • Test all Control Panels.
  • Test all remote sensors (Including climate control)
  • Check all power supplies.
  • Completion of Log Book
  • Issuing Service Certificates
  • Update online records including photograph of equipment

Any faults identified are recorded in the on- site logbook, reported to the responsible person and updated in your online logbook.

Repairs can be carried out during service up to an agreed value, this helps reduce additional visits and additional costs.

All services carried out comply with British Standard 7346,1-1990, 5588, 12-2004