Manual Window Openers are used extensively in public and commercial buildings for operating remote high level or difficult to access windows.  Manual window openers are traditionally used in schools where a cost effective “child safe” system is required.

Manual Window Openers need to be serviced to ensure the open and close functionality is continually working, therefore providing adequate security , suffcient ventilation and in the event of a fire, ensure  smoke control and fire prevention.

  • Our Preventive maintenance contract procedure
  • Visual – Manual checks
  • Winder functional
  • Window functional
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Closure complete
  • Handles
  • Helix cable


Regular maintenance of manual window controls will ensure working order of the equipment and will also increase the lifespan of the equipment resulting in savings on repair or replacement

  • We specialise in repairing the following:
  • High level window winding system repairs.
  • Window winders not fully opening/closing vents.
  • Window handle spinning with no operation.
  • Inner cable exposed wan curled up at either end.
  • Winding handle and body becoming loose from the wall.
  • Bank of windows close leaving one or more windows open or closed.
  • Window winding system have become stiff/difficult to operate.
  • Window hinges broken/damaged/inoperable.

Any faults identified are recorded in the on- site logbook and reported to the responsible person and updated in your online logbook.

Repairs can be carried out during service up to an agreed value. This helps to reduce additional visits and additional costs.