Our Quarterly Inspection and Testing Procedures

  • Inspection of Logbook.
  • Visually inspecting any structural or occupancy changes to assess whether changes to the fire alarm system are required.
  • Checking false alarm records.
  • Battery checking and testing.
  • Testing of fire alarm devices.
  • Checking automatic transmission of alarm signals to an alarm receiving centre (ARC).
  • Checking and testing of all faults indicators and circuits.,
  • Testing of printers.
  • Reporting of outstanding defects.
  • CompletingĀ  of logbook.
  • Issuing service certificate.
  • Online records updated

Our Annual Inspection and Testing Procedures

  • Testing of the switch mechanism of every call point.
  • Examining and testing of every automatic fire devices.
  • Replacement of filament lamps.
  • Visual inspection of readily accessible cable fixings.
  • Checking of the standby power supply capacity.
  • Other annual checks and tests recommended by the system manufactures.
  • Reporting of outstanding defects.
  • Issuing theĀ  service certificates.
  • Online records updated.

All work carried out to British Standard 5839 -1 2002